Payclip Web

Web & Ecommerce Redesign
In the payment processors industry, Clip already won its place being one of the most used services for SMBs, even though Payclip offer payments as a service, a card reader is needed to process card payments, having multiple sales channels its e-commerce has been overlooked, but with increasing interest in online purchases traffic to website has been increasing without increasing conversions.
  • User research
  • Design & Prototyping
  • A/B testing
  • Growth Loops (CRO)
  • Funnel analysis
As we make an effort to improve the website conversion, we need to take in consideration, the whole web architecture and the multiple touchpoints, this will allow us to improve the whole experience to meet both users and business needs.
Website Structure

Issues found

  • Obsolete content (Several years old)
  • Lack of scalability
  • Poor integration between Home Page and ShopApp
  • Core functionality and content missing
  • High bounce rate and poor conversion rate
  • Usability issues
  • Performance and SEO
After doing research (metrics/user interviews/customer support), we found out which jobs our customers were trying to do, and which fears were restraining them from making a purchase:
  • Card acceptances
  • Payment Fees
  • How it works
  • Which reader should I buy
  • Is it secure?
  • Where can I get it
JTBD Analysis

E-commerce Oportunities

Since website and ecommerce platform were living in different environments using different technologies, we take the chance to connect both experiences, so we ran a series of testings to detect usability issues

Buyer Journey Optimization

Whole navigation was changed to provide a full eStore experience with a catalog and product detail pages .This improved scalability and provided users with more information about the product, which resulted into more sales

Home Page

Once we detect customer Jobs-to-be-done I worked with the content writer in the team to help us build the message and structure the content to improve CEO within the site, we include important info for the customers

Product section
Fee Calculator
How it works video
Card acceptance
Social proof

Product Catalog & Product Pages

Some important information was missing about the products, so we restructured the navigation and the ecommerce site to include a full catalog and product pages, one thing that was restraining users from completing the purchase was the inability to choose, so we help them buy building a card reader comparison chart.

Also we had the hypothesis that the most informed the user is about the product, the easier is for them to decide to purchase the product.

Another addition was the FAQ to solve any concerns regarding the reader.

Cart and checkout

We improve the checkout experience by cleaning the layout and adding important information such as free shipping or any promotions, the ability to add coupons and a carrousel for cross sell

A/B Testing

I had the opportunity to run a couple experiments to test the content and the navigation, using VWO to track the results, also helped us to watch the user behavior through heatmaps and recordings.

Business impact

Conversion rate
Conversion rate increased 1.6% after the redesign, also after this marketing team was ready to run campaigns to bring traffic focused on conversion

Bounce rate
The bounce rate was lowered, users were actually interested in the content and they were interacting with the site.

Average time on page
Avg time was increased, initiatives like the fee calculator or reader comparison page, were highly valued by customers.

Pages per session
Since we created a more clear purchase flow, users were going through the product pages and navigating the different options on the page.

2nd sales channel
E-commerce was the last on the list and after the revamp, we build campaigns around it which resulted into more sales putting it as the 2nd channel with more sales only under commissioners sellers