Oyster App

Mobile App Design for Financial Platform
Oyster introduces a new form of finance management for SMBs, offering relevant features for merchants, business owners and freelancers, helping them operate their businesses on a daily but also providing information and products for better financial management.
  • Product Strategy
  • Research
  • Interaction & Visual Design
  • Prototyping & Testing
Business goal
As a new company Oyster needed to create a digital platform for business owners, to allow them to manage their finances in a simple way, presenting themselves as a premium full-service business banking concierge, attending a market opportunity in offering banking services and payment solutions for businesses that are currently unbanked or are using alternatives that are inneficient


For the design team it was really important to understand how people operate their businesses, what challenges they face on a daily basis, how they were currently handling business finances, which tools do they use and how satisfied users were with those solutions. To learn about this we ran a series of research studies both qualitative and quantitative to find out what were our clients needs where we identify the main problems business owners face

Key findings

Decentralized banking
Users constantly have to hire different products with different companies, or have multiple bank accounts to solve different needs.
Bank bureucreacy
When opening a business bank account a lot of documents are required, the process takes a long time and there's a lot of back and forth.

Payments & Collections
A big part part of daily business operation is payments and collections, this is what takes most time and effort for our users, and also a lot of them consider these activities boring and would rather spend their time doing "actual work"
Finance management
Business owners constantly use tools to keep track of income and expenses from spreadsheets to expenses trackers, so is information they find valuable and help them take better decisions for their businesses.
On the go
Banking digital solutions usually are desktop focused, so there's an opportunity to offer solutions for customers that are constantly moving and need to do rapid transactions.
Instant money transfers
Most business banks take from half an hour up to 24 hours to complete money transfers.


To define our product functionality we lay down the customer life cycle to map every opportunity area and synthesize all the key insights, this helped us to narrow the scope and prioritize what to include in the first version of the app to meet both users and business needs.

Information architecture

To have a more structured definition we defined the information architecture to define the functionalities and how they interact with each other, this also helped us estimate the design work and to split the work between the members of the design team.

Navigation & Wireframing

I started solving some of the user flows using low fidelity wireframing which allowed me to map all the components we would use in the future

Design components

To be able to solve all the user flows I started by establishing design principles and create a set of universal components that were scalable, reusable and in line with brand values, that helped us solve user flows easier and faster. Design components were adjusted along the way.


Three main sections: Payments / Dashboard / Cards

Card management and digital card creation

Profile section / Transaction list / Transaction detail

Oyster products Line of credit / Instant credit / Credit card

Dark mode option

Usability Testing

As we were designing the different flows we built prototypes for testing using figma, this test allowed us to see how were the expectations from customers for a product like this, but also to find usability issues and areas of opportunity. We use maze tool for quick unmoderated test, and lookback for moderated test.

Business impact

star rating in stores
App was launched in Q4 2019 for iOS and Android Devices, maintaining a rating  above 4.5 in both stores.
acquired users in a year
Users find value in the product and we've been keeping a constant pace acquiring users. Also our customers have transacted more than 50M pesos using the platform

CSAT score
We hear our customers, and we are constantly evaluating their experience using CSAT surveys to know how they rank the App and also to keep track of any issues or requests they might have

Project Takeaways

Since I've been creating this product from scratch, we've been constantly fixing stuff and improving it, here are some learnings